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With rents and home prices at an all-time in San Francisco, space is a commodity, and to have access to a garage is a luxury.  It’s a place to put your bike, store your surfboards, park your car, and to store all of those extra boxes filled with ever so important junk that you’ve accumulated over the years that you can’t bear to throw out.

But what if your used your garage for something other than parking or storage?




*Taylor Reid & Erin Fong, Western Edition

Taylor is office coordinator at The Bold Italic and Erin writes for the Findery and works for a bookbinder in the East Bay. In their garage they run a letterpress print shop–printing traditional letterpress items (wedding invites, business cards, etc.), offering a variety of workshops (through and focusing on creative collaborations with other craftspeople in San Francisco.







*George Rocha, Sunset

George is a skatepark builder.  While he’s listening to music and drinking beer in his garage, he makes new skateboards out of broken ones. His goal is to “keep skateboards above ground and under your feet.”







*John ‘JJ’ Jakubowski, Noe Valley

JJ, an award-winning creative, collects and rebuilds Walang Goleks—centuries-old traditional puppets used in candle-lit performances in Indonesia and Malaysia.  There are hundreds of characters, ranging from thieves to kings to Gods, all from epic stories of the Mahabarata or the Ramanaya.
“As South East Asia moves into the 21st century this has, regrettably, become a dying art – hence my house has become the Land of Misfit Puppets.”






*Tim James, Mission

Tim is a bookbinder who is now devoting his time to running the newly funded Bookbinders Museum in San Francisco.  Tim built the tool cabinet and workbench in his garage and makes new handles for old woodworking chisels and gouges.
Not comfortable with the way the Mission was changing, he and his girlfriend moved to Fruitvale this year where he is designing and building the furniture for their new home in that garage.









*Jack Halloway, Noe Valley

Photographer and craftsman Jack Halloway transformed his one-car garage into a gallery in 2008 to “show some photos and get rid of some stuff”, dubbing it “The Garage Sale Project”. He invites artists to have one-weekend solo shows, with openings usually on Fridays, at which time one can buy the artist’s art or personal items, while imbibing adult beverages and listening to good music.






*Tom Connolly, Mission

For nearly 3 years, Tom ran a Vespa scooter repair shop in the garage of the house he was renting. He’s ridden scooters for 24 years, and yes, he was a Mod.
When the landlord decided to sell the house earlier this year, he moved with his wife and infant daughter to the East Bay.  The shop is now located in Emeryville, located inside Addiction Motors.









*Kelly Clark, Mission

Kelly is a welder and carpenter who built furniture in his garage but now focuses on steel fabrication for motorcycles. He prefers to work on early Harley-Davidson choppers and specializes in mufflers, frame modifications, handlebars, and sissy bars.








*Christian Badilla, Bernal Heights

A recent graduate of City Arts and Tech High School, Christian runs a barber shop in his garage, doing tapers, fades, bald tapers, and bald fades. He plans to attend SF State to major in architecture or construction, but will continue to moonlight as a barber.






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