Nevada in November

In early November, I travelled out to Boulder City, NV to visit Mariah’s dad Ron and his wife Tina.  We trailered two motorcycles and  two 4-wheelers and headed out for an off-road adventure to locate the wreckage of the 1942 plane crash that killed Carol Lombard and 21 others , visiting Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains on the way.

Though we had  obtained directions to the wreckage on the interweb, we took some shortcuts around roadblocks and rode up some super-steep mountain roads to the 8,300 feet summit of Potosi Mountain.  At the summit, we parked the bikes and continuing on foot, and set off down an arduous trail-less descent over  loose rocks and boulders through burnt trees.  Ron and Tina decided to let us go ahead without them and we scrambled down for an hour, thinking we were on the right path, only to be hailed back on account of waning light this far out in the desert mountains.  We made it back to the parents only to realize that we had climbed down the wrong side of the mountain, and because the sun was going down and we had only 2 working headlights between the four vehicles for the steep downhill in the dark, we booked it and made it back to the trailer just after dark.

We spent the next couple of days riding out into the desert from their back yard, and as always, I had a blast.  Thank you for the fun rides, Doctor Ron.


















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